Volvo Launches Online Car Buying Service

Added: 20 May 2019

Volvo Launches Online Car Buying Service

Volvo has launched Volvo Online, allowing customers to configure and arrange finance for new car in as little as 20 minutes. The service will also allow part-exchanges for a guaranteed value.

Customers will be able to choose any options or specifications that they wish, then choose between PCP, PCH or conditional sale. All models will be available to order online, with the option to configure a car and order it from the Volvo factory or buy a model directly from the cars available at their preferred dealer. The site will be able to instantly show the impact added extras have on the monthly finance, from trim levels to paint colours. Accessories can also be added during this configuration stage.

Volvo has assured customers that tight security will be implemented thanks to “multiple checks that have been built into the process at key points”. Payments will also be confirmed via e-signature.

Volvo Online is the logical next step for a brand that are already using the world of online shopping to make life more convenient for customers. In May last year they teamed up with Amazon Prime to allow customers to order a V40 home test drive. American Volvo owners can have Amazon deliver packages securely into the boots of their cars, thanks to digital keys technology.

Jon Wakefield, Volvo UK Managing Director commented “Whether online or offline, the way people buy cars has changed. Customers now have much more control over the process, and Volvo Online helps them to take that one step further.”

“[Volvo Online makes life] as easy as possible without compromising on choice or security, letting customers drive the purchase process when it’s most convenient for them.”

Customers are able to make a personal account on the website, so they can see specific prices from their selected retailer. They can also view saved cars and finance quotations, as well as get an accurate part exchange valuation. Everything can be done in customers’ own time, with the ability to save where they get up to and continue when it suits them.

For more information on Volvo Online, contact Caffyns Volvo today.

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