About Us

Caffyns was founded over 150 years ago and to this day has 13 dealerships across Sussex and Kent, assisting thousands of customers each year. As Caffyns moved into the motor industry in 1903, approved used cars have been available to purchase since then, as well as using our exchange service, helping you to save as much money as possible with our latest deals. Due to being one of the longest running dealerships in the country, Caffyns has established itself as one of the most trusted brands keeping up their good name with their exceptional customer service provided.

As Caffyns is now a PLC company, they have stuck to their founders’ values of personal and welcoming customer service, ensuring an on-going commitment to both the vehicle and the customer.

Due to Caffyns Motorstore being a success, they will continue to offer great deals for their customers with an extensive range of used cars and services to ensure their customers are content with their services.

To find out more about the History of Caffyns Motorstore, download the PDF document here.

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